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Age: 16
Hometown: Kelowna, BC, Canada
Bike setup: Transition Double, & Trail or Park
Years riding: 4

Casey Groves mountain biker

So how did you get into freestyle mtb?
I got into freestyle mtb by watching some kids jump on the corner of my street when I was younger. It influenced me to try to be like them and since then I have fallen in love with it.

Who do you usually ride with?
My muddies from Kelowna; Matt Gretzinger, Stirling Grassick, Mike Kirk, Wes Booth, Benton Leong, Brian Mueller, Justin Kierce, and a ton of other great bros.

What’s the best spot you’ve ever ridden?
Oh thats a tough one…Whistler is an obvious. Kelowna-wise….probably my buddy Leroy Chase’s jumps.

Casey Groves wins Air Affair 2008

You had a big contest finish this year - 1st place in the Whistler Air Affair. What tricks did you pull out in your winning run?
Yes, I was super excited. I dropped in from the start gate, tail-whipped the first jump, hopped onto the skinny snake thing then super-manned to no-footed-can off. Aired the QP, tabled a hip, blown over by wind on big jump, so no trick happened there. So I aired right over the spine, 360′d the road gap and then 360′d the right hand satellite dish.

Is this your first year competing?
I competed a little bit last year but nothing big. This is my first year competing in a bigger fashion.

What other events do you plan to enter this year?
I am heading off to North Van and Whistler for Red Bull Round Up on July 27-28 then I am heading home to Kelowna for a dirtjump competition called Flirting with Dirt/Center of Gravity. After that I will be entering Crankworx and if all goes well hopefully get invited to Clawworx.

Are you going to try and get sponsored?
Yes, I have been trying to get sponsored for the past couple years. This year everything really took off and its going very well.

What’s your favorite trick?
Another toughy……probably an Indian Air or a stylish barspin.

What’s one trick you want to learn this year?
Aw just one?! Hmm right now I am working on a Barspin to Tailwhip.

What’s your worst injury story?
In 2006, it was the first year I was going to be going to watch Crankworx. My friends and I were jumping a local jump near my house a week before. It was a stupid small jump and I was riding my friends piece of crap Walmart bmx when I tried to No Foot Can the jump and I landed with my left foot underneath the seat but on top of my frame. I ended up breaking my ankle and bursting into tears when I found out. It was my first time to Whistler and seeing Crankworx and I just wanted to be able to ride while I was there. Believe it or not, it hurt to hobble around on crutches so I used my friends bike to pedal around. One morning I was watching my buddy Justin jump the river side dirt jumps, when some idiot comes flying around the corner and plows right into me. Guess what? He broke my thumb! Which led to surgery when I arrived back in Kelowna. Never again!!!!

Casey Groves wins Air Affair 2008

Are you a fan of Drop In?
Huge Fan!!!

Which season is your favorite?

If you could ride with anyone, who would it be?
Cameron McCaul.

How often do you skip school to ride your bike?
Haha skip? I don’t skip…going biking. My parents have let me miss a lot of school to go practice for upcoming events or when friends from out of town come to ride. It showed in my marks this past year during grade 10!

When you’re not riding bikes, what do you do?
Play Call of Duty 4 on my Xbox 360 or go to the beach, hang with friends.

Pick one or the other…

Rock or rap? Rock
Dirt Jumps or Downhill? Dirt Jumps
The Collective or Freeride Entertainment? The Collective
Whistler - Airdome or Park? Park
Crankworx or Bearclaw Invitational? Ah you and the tough questions! I have been to Crankworx for the past 2 years and never to Bearclaw Invitational so I am going to have to go with Bearclaw Invitational.

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    yeah…season 3 was the best….*sigh*

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    The last two seasons were really good, just that 5 has a lil bit too much dirt jumping for my liking.

  3. faultlinemediagroup says:

    for sure…

  4. freerider1057 says:

    ya I love dirtjumps but I would have like to see some more big mountain style thats why I voted for Kyle Thomas Casey is pretty chill just likes riding his bike

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